With summer in full swing, you probably spend lots of time outside with your kids, friends, and family, having barbeques on the patio and playing games in the backyard. However, you don’t have to halt the fun when the sun goes down. Install exterior lighting to illuminate your backyard and patio and add safety to your home.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can add landscape lighting and lighting fixtures to illuminate your property and improve curb appeal:

Add String Lights And Soft Lights At The Base Of Your Patio

Your dinner guests and family won’t appreciate a floodlight on them while they enjoy their meal and an evening at your home. Choose lights that give a soft glow to your outdoor space and create an intimate and romantic vibe. You may also use outdoor lanterns, string lights, and bulb fixtures to illuminate your outdoor dining areas.

Take A Look From Inside To Identify Dark Corners

Stand inside your home and look at your property. Identify where the dark corners and shadows are and install flood lights that light up the shadowy spaces and cast a glow near other dark places. You can install it strategically throughout the darkened areas so it doesn’t look like an outdoor IKEA showroom.

You may consult a landscape lighting contractor who can suggest the best lighting fixtures, types of lights, and placement for your property.

colorful landscape lights on the fence

Choose A Variety Of Lights

Try to incorporate three types of lights: accent, task, and ambient to create a cohesive landscape lighting look. You can choose string and pendant lights around your trees and fences near your patio to create an ambient atmosphere.

Add attention-grabbing lights near the base of your large trees to illuminate the branches and prevent any lurkers from breaking into your home through the trees. You can also install lit fixtures near the house’s walls to improve your property’s curb appeal.

Add Landscape Lights At Your Home In Houston, TX

Do you want to illuminate your home with landscaping lights installation? Holy Christmas Lights has got you covered. We provide quality special event lighting, garden light installation, and exterior lighting services for residential and commercial properties.

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