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Holy Christmas Lights specializes in light installation and has been in the lighting and decor service industry for a decade now with an undeterred focus on customer service and satisfaction. We’ve spent years honing our ability to bring your creative vision to life through our professional light installation and professional holiday decorating services in Houston, TX.

We offer our clients a range of light installation services in Houston that intend to transform and upgrade their commercial and residential spaces, including homes, offices, and other venues, into more festive and celebratory locations. Whether you’re hosting an office Christmas party and need it to look beautiful and welcoming, or you’re hosting a holiday dinner at home, we’ve got everything you need and more when it comes to our professional light installation services in Houston, TX.

Holy Christmas Lights also provides both interior and custom exterior lighting services and holiday lights, which are ideal for homes and commercial spaces such as malls, offices, restaurants, event venues, and more. You can share your vision for the lighting and what you require from us, and our team will help design, finalize, and execute your vision just as you’d want it to be.

In addition to professional light installation, we also offer other holiday decor services, including Christmas tree wrapping, interior decor, outdoor landscaping lights, and the ever-favorite bistro lights installation. So whether you want a grand, lit-up display, or something cozy and intimate, there’s nobody better than us for all your commercial and residential Christmas lighting and decor needs and holiday light installation in Houston, TX.

Get in touch with our company to learn more about our professional lighting installation services and more. We specialize in residential Christmas lighting, commercial lighting, and lighting for special occasions and celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, and more. Meet with our team, and we’ll do an in-depth consultation, ideate with you, and share our recommendations and tips so you can see your vision come to life in the best way possible.

If you’re in Houston, TX, and need a professional light installation or holiday decorating service, reach out to us today to get started!

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