Summer evenings under the stars are one of the best parts of spending time outdoors this season. You may enjoy the pleasant weather at night, have barbeques and picnics with friends and family, or enjoy a quiet romantic evening with your partner. However, an outdoor picnic isn’t much fun if you stumble in the dark while walking around.

So, if you want to spend time in your backyard after dark, here are some exterior lighting installation ideas to illuminate your property this summer:

Add Wall Lights

Wall lights are an essential element for layering light in an outdoor environment. They’ll add a visual balance to your landscape lighting installation. You may add them in a linear line along your boundary wall to highlight your home’s architecture and backyard design.

Highlight Your Trees

If you’re proud of your garden and have gorgeous shrubs and trees scattered around the yard, use uplighting and downlighting techniques to highlight your trees. The scattered lighting over your flower beds, shrubs, and trees will drive away the dark and beautify the trees in your backyard at night.


fairy lights wrapped around the tree trunks and tall arborvitae trees in a garden

Light Up Activity Zones

Lighting installation is an art. You should install different kinds of lighting that blend cohesively and accentuate your home’s architecture. Try highlighting your deck, pool, and patio with base lights to draw the eyes as soon as someone enters the outdoor area. The base lighting will be a focal point and add elegance to your backyard.

Dine Under A Sparkling Canopy Of String Lights

If you want subtle lighting over your outdoor dining area, hang string lights overhead. It’ll create a romantic and intimate vibe and allow guests to relax while they dine. You can also place lanterns and candles on the table to accentuate your décor.

Get Quality Outdoor Lighting Installation In Houston For Your Home

Lighting installation is not a one-size-fits-all service. Each house is unique because of its architectural elements. If you’re looking for customized residential exterior lighting installation, Holy Christmas Lights has got you covered. We provide affordable event lights, house lights, and garden light installation services in Houston, TX.

Contact us today for more information on our landscape lights installation services for backyards and outdoor areas.


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