full one day installation

We promise to have your holiday Christmas lights hooked-up and ready to go within one day!

christmas lighting & gear 

All lights, plugs, timers, are included with installation. We will hang lights from entry ways, eaves, bushes, trees, and many other areas upon request. 

FREE removal

No more worries about getting out in weather to remove your lights and decorations, we will come back and remove it for you! 


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Custom Design & Installation

what we provide 


We have the best lights and decoration experts on our staff who strive to give you the best holiday experience possible.

Commercial/residential installation

Lights will be installed and decorations displayed to your liking. We will work with you until we have achieved 100 percent satisfaction.

tree lighting

Our highly-trained lighting specialists will ensure that all extension cords and lights are well-wrapped and safely secured.

additional decorations 

However you want your home to look we will make it happen. We have optional supplies to give your home that special Christmas holiday cheer such as wreaths, garland, ornaments and many more.